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PSR | Consulting Inc
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Your needs cannot be fully anticipated or even be defined at the start of the engagement.

Our job is to address these needs as they become better understood in the course of the assignment.


Your organization is unique in many aspects: you know that standard approaches don’t work.

We design the assistance to consider the unique conditions faced by our clients.


Your line responsibility requires that you be aware of the progress of the project and the methods followed by the consultants.

Our approach is to work closely with the client and jointly review progress of the work and our methods at key stages.


You need to implement the results of the consultancy, after the consultants are done with the job.

We help in the implementation, to see the client attain the goals of the projects as envisioned.  At the outset, we design the approach to help ensure implementability.

PSR Consulting is a professional financial consultancy company committed to provide development consultancy services to business, government and development institutions. Our clients share a common need to solve problems which keep them from moving forward, whether as institutions or in specific areas. Our involvement as external consultants revolves entirely around satisfying the clients’ need. We define the value of our role in that relationship in terms of how we make a difference in finding answers to the client’s problem. That outlook provides the right conditions for a mutually beneficial professional relationship at every stage in the engagement. In simple terms, we define development consultancy as helping the client move ahead.